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 Hydraulic Hammer 

Hydraulic Hammer

The MPD-220 Hydraulic Hammer by MPD Equipment is designed for use up to a 14" piling.  Our hydraulic hammer is specially manufactured and engineered to give you outstanding performance on every project. You can expect to achieve maximum driving force that will result with a stable and sturdy application of piles.

Why choose MPD Equipment for Hydraulic Hammers?

You can trust our hydraulic impact hammers to give you the reliability you need to get the job done right. Our team of designers and fabricators work hard to manufacture the highest of quality hydraulic hammers on the market and we strive to raise the bar.

When you pair the MPD-220 hydraulic hammer to our standard derrick with a height of 25 feet, you get the added ability of having one that is extended up to 32 feet. This allows you to purchase the hydraulic impact hammer as a packaged deal with the standard derrick or purchase it separately. Additionally, the derrick and hydraulic hammer can give you the flexibility of movement when attached to our barge. This means that the unit can travel on the barge from front to center, allowing you to drive your outside piling on one side and moving to the other side of the deck without moving the barge.

If you would like more information about our hydraulic hammer, please contact us at (318)245-8555 today.

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