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 Derrick & Hammer 
Are you looking for a strong, durable and affordable solution to drive piling on land or in marine applications? If so, MPD Equipment is your trusted source for a high quality hammer and derrick, we are your cost effective solution. Our hammer and derrick is a versatile component that offers optimum performance at a low cost.

It can be attached to excavators, skid steers, forklifts and track hoes. Additionally, the hammer and derrick can be mounted as a marine pile driver for your barge. This is ideal for driving piling to elevate homes, rebuild docks and boat slips and for bulkhead work.

With our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we can manufacture and produce hammer and derrick attachments to fit mini excavators, large excavators and everything in between. This is an impact hammer and is a low cost, affordable system.

For added convenience, controls can be mounted in the cab of your excavator, hard wired to a control box or can be remote controlled. If you would like to learn more about MPD Equipment's hammer and derrick attachments or would like to order one, please contact us at 318-245-8555 today!

Pile Driving Hammer and Derrick

Pile Driving Hammer and Derrick

Hammer and derrick on excavator

Pile Driving Hammer and Derrick on Excavator

Pile Driving Hammer

Pile Driving Hammer

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