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  • Are you looking for an easier, cost efficient way to drive piling?
  • How about having the capability to drive a piling, under most conditions, within a minute?
  • What if you could drive several pilings, in line, without having to move your barge?

We have the answers you need

Our standard 10 x 25 ft. Marine Pile Driver Barge has a hydraulic hammer, derrick and spuds, 24 hp electric start Honda engine for the hydraulics and 20 gallon gas tank.  We can custom build to your specifications. 

Our MPD-110 hydraulic hammer is designed for driving piling up to 10".  We, also, have our larger MPD-220 hammer for piling that is up to 14".  Our standard derrick height is 25 ft.  We can extend that up to 32 ft. if needed. 

The 10 x 25 barge is equipped with 10 airtight compartments.  

This model can be placed at a perpendicular angle to a pier or boat dock in order to drive numerous piling in line for stringers with one movement.  The derrick and hammer will travel from the front of the barge to the center, which is approximately 10 ft.  This enables you to drive your outside piling on one side of the deck and, without moving the barge, slide the derrick back and drive the second piling.  The stringers can then be bolted on before moving the barge. 

In so doing, you will have piling and stringers which are square and a stable surface to work on.  This increases production, greatly.  It is a most unique feature since most barges with a derrick require movement to drive each piling.  

We have an auger system and jetting system available on our units.

We also build sectional barges.

Call us today with your specifications and let us custom manufacture your barge.
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Marine Pile Drivers, LLC

Email:  marinepiledriver@aol.com


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